The follow information is to be used as a guideline for our deep drop rigs and deep drop fishing in general.

Hook sizing: 

We carry a full line of Mustad 39960 circle hooks from 8/0-20/0.  These are non stainless non offset hooks that comply with FL reef fishing laws. Please take a look a the picture below to get an estimate for which size hook might suit your application best.

As a guideline, we suggest the following size hooks when ordering deep drop rigs.

  • Smaller snapper: 10/0 OR Mustad Demon 6/0 Circle (roughly same size)
  • Black Seabass: 10/0-12/0 
  • Blueline Tilefish: 12/0-13/0
  • Golden Tilefish: 14/0-15/0
  • Wreckfish/Grouper: 15/0-16/0
  • Queens Snapper: 12/0-14/0



Using our rigs:

Every rig we make is intended to have bait on every hook and the freshest cut bait you can get is always the best.  These rigs must be fished on the bottom.  Depending on current, you can expect to use between 24-32oz of weight in depths up to 300-400ft.  Deeper depth and faster current may require up to 5lb of lead to hold bottom.  When a fish hits, DO NOT SET THE HOOK.  Circle hooks do not need a traditional hookset, and the fish has typically hooked itself once it hits.  You can slowly lift the rod tip up to help remove any bow in the line and load the rod up to ensure the hook is set.  Some prefer to leave the rig down once a first fish is on, with hopes of hooking up on the rest of the hooks.



Most people prefer to go the electric reel route.  Its less tiring and an invaluable tool when you are looking for new spots.  Daiwa, Banax, and Shimano all make electric reels that can be used all day on a small motorcylce battery.    Electric or manual reels should be spooled up with braided line. 50lb is plenty.  Make sure your reel has enough capacity to make the deepest drop you plan on doing (1000+ ft at times)  If you are using a manual reel, find a reel with a LOWER RATIO. (4:1 to 5:1)   Although "slower", the lower ratio is easier to crank on all day without wearing yourself out.  Find a rod that has enough backbone to lift the weights you intend to use, but a sensitive/flexible enough tip to detect bites.   


Storing rigs:

Coil the rigs up just as they arrived when you bought them.  Rinse them off and let them hang to dry.  DO NOT put them back into a bag wet. 


If you have any specific questions about deep drop fishing or hook sizing, feel free to contact us and we can get you pointed in the right direction.