Tautog Jig, 2 Pack, Standup Style Jig, Saltwater Fishing Jig, Ultra Tough Powder Coat Finish with 2X Hook, 1/2-2oz Sizes, Multiple Colors

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2 Pack Tautog/Sheephead Jigs/Boxing Glove Jig

What size jig do I need?

With jig sizes from .5 ounce all the way up to 2 ounce, we have a jig for every condition. Typically, it is best to use the lightest jig you can use while still keeping your bait in the proper location. Current plays a big role in what size jig you will need, and the smaller .5 to .75oz works best around docks and jetties with minimal current. The heavier jigs will be used when currents run faster around jetties, bridges, bridge pilings, and artifical reefs.

Which color is best?

Clear water conditions? Colors like green crab, white legger, sand flea, and blue crab are all patterned after the natural colors.

Cloudy, Murky, Stained water conditions? Colors like Chartreuse/Orange, Pink, White, and even Glow have been known to intice a bite in dirty water conditions.

Bottom line, stock up on a few different colors so you will be prepared for whatever conditions you might face while fishing!

What makes these jigs better than others?

  • Our powder coat process offers the toughest finish avaible in a jig head, and your jigs will be able to stand up to the harshest structure where the big fish live!

  • The standup style jighead keeps the bait suspended off the bottom slightly, which makes it more noticable to tautog.

  • Mustad 2x strong hooks are the strongest and sharpest available, which is needed for these super strong fish