2 AWG Gauge EPDM Fully Assembled Battery Cables, Made in the USA, Positive or Negative Welding Cable for Inverter Solar Car Truck RV Camper

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What will these cables work for? 
2 AWG/2 Gauge cables with EPDM (rubber) insulation will work for a variety of applications.  They are popular in DIY solar battery banks, add a battery applications in cars, trucks, and RV or campers.  This is an excellent upgrade for golf cart battery cables.  Starter cables and ground cables in need of replacement in cars and trucks as well. A red cable is intended to be a positive lead and a black cable is intended to be a negative lead. 

What makes these cables better than others? 
We only use quality components in our cable assemblies.  All of our cable is made in the USA, from 99.9% pure oxygen free copper welding cable. 

Every cable is assembled using a hydraulic press using sealed and tinned heavy duty terminal lugs.  Tinned lugs allow for extra corrosion protection when exposed to the elements.  A thick wall, heavy duty tinned lug dissipates heat better, and will not deform or allow the cable to pull out.  WE GUARANTEE IT! 

For an added final layer of protection, dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink is used to keep moisture and corrosion.  Corrosion is the leading problem in cable failure due to increased resistance 

Meets SAE J1127 
Meets the Battery Cable requirements of UL 558 and UL 583 
Temperature Rating:-50°C +105°C 
Voltage: 60V DC