642 Piece Offshore Rigging Kit Fishing

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ALL of the terminal hardware (snaps, swivels) is American made and we have made a conscious effort to keep crimps/swivels/snaps all paired within the same range to offer exactly what you need to match line weight/crimp size/swivel size. 

644 Piece Offshore Rigging Kit

1- Plano Prolatch Storage Box (3600 Size)

1- Deluxe Crimper

2- 12” Sections of Teflon Anti Chafe Tube

50- 100lb Swivel 

50- 150lb Swivel 

50- 225lb Swivel

25- 100lb Coastlock Snap Swivel

25- 150lb Coastlock Snap Swivel

15- 225lb Coastlock Snap Swivel

100- 1.2mm Aluminum Mini Crimps (100lb-150lb)

100- 1.5mm Aluminum Mini Crimps (150lb-200lb)

100- 1.7mm Aluminum Mini Crimps (200lb-250lb)

50- 1.5mm Aluminum Long Crimps (150lb-200lb)

50- 1.7mm Aluminum Long Crimps (200lb-250lb)

50- 2.0mm Aluminum Long Crimps (250lb-300lb)